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21.03.2019 Wintershall with record production
Production of 171 million barrels of oil equivalent significantly exceeds previous level
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Pictures Our activities in Russia

  • At Achimgaz In Siberia, one of the most remote regions in the world, our employees produce up to 18 million cubic meters of natural gas every day - in a region with 250 days of winter per year and in temperatures as cold as -40°C.

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  • Depending on the season, around 70 million cubic meters of natural gas are produced daily from the Yuzhno Russkoye field.

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  • The beauty of drilling: At night, the Achimgaz drilling rig is bathed in magical light.

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  • Bird's eye view of the gas processing plant in the snow.

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  • German-Russian partnership: Wintershall and Gazprom have been a close team for over 25 years.

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  • Achimgaz: Drilling for gas in Siberia’s Urengoy field.

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  • German-Russian partnership: Achimgaz Deputy Director General Ingo Neubert (left) and Achimgaz Director General Oleg Ossipovich in front of a drilling rig in the gas field of Novy Urengoy, Siberia.

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  • Wolgodeminoil is Wintershall’s southernmost production site in Russia.

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  • The natural gas produced from the Yuzhno Russkoye field has a very high degree of purity, with a methane content of 98 percent.

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