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The world's largest natural gas reserves are located in Russia; the country also has the eighth largest oil reserves worldwide. For this reason, Wintershall has nurtured a successful partnership with its Russian counterparts for more than a quarter of a century. Currently, Wintershall is involved not only in several joint projects for exploring for and producing oil and gas in Western Siberia and southern Russia, but also in major infrastructure projects such as the Nord Stream Baltic Sea pipeline.


AO Achimgaz, a 50:50 joint venture between Gazprom and Wintershall located in Novy Urengoy, produces natural gas and condensate from the Achimov horizon in Block IA of the Siberian Urengoy reservoir. The town of Novy Urengoy is situated roughly 3,500 kilometres northeast of Moscow, 35 kilometres from the Arctic Circle. About eighteen million cubic metres of natural gas are extracted there daily under extremely challenging climatic and geological conditions.


Yuzhno Russkoye Field

The Yuzhno Russkoye field is located in Western Siberia in the autonomous district of Yamal-Nenets. It has recoverable reserves of more than 600 billion cubic metres of natural gas. Gazprom und Wintershall officially commenced operation of the Russian natural gas reservoir at the end of 2007. This means that Wintershall is the first German company to produce natural gas directly in Western Siberia. The company has a 35 percent stake in the commercial success of the field.


Blocks IV & V of the Achimov Formation

Since the completion of the asset swap between BASF and Gazprom at the end of September 2015, Wintershall holds a 25.01% stake in Blocks IV and V of the Achimov Formation in the Urengoy gas and condensate field in Western Siberia.



Wolgodeminoil was founded in 1992 and is the longest-standing joint venture for hydrocarbon production between a Russian and a western European partner.

Wintershall and RITEK, which is a subsidiary of LUKOIL and one of Russia’s largest oil producers, each hold a 50% stake in the company. Wolgodeminoil is located near Volgograd and is Wintershall’s southernmost Russian production point. LUKOIL and Wintershall currently operate in three licence areas in the Volgograd region, covering around 13,600 square kilometres in total.

Wolgodeminoil is already recovering crude oil and natural gas from seven fields. In 2015 around 5.4 million barrels of oil equivalent were produced. Further fields are being developed or prepared for development.

Nord Stream 1 & 2

Via two parallel strands 1,220 km in length, the Nord Stream Baltic Sea pipeline connects the Siberian gas reserves directly with Germany. Nord Stream was constructed between April 2010 and October 2012, and has been fully operational since the beginning of October 2012. The two strands jointly transport up to 55 billion cubic metres of natural gas per year.

Wintershall has a 15.5 percent share in the project. In late summer 2015, Gazprom, BASF, EON, OMV, Shell and Engie signed a shareholders' agreement for the delivery of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project to expand the natural gas provision on the European market. Gazprom holds a 50 percent stake in the project company. BASF/Wintershall, Uniper (E.ON), Shell, OMV and Engie will each hold ten percent. An annual capacity of 55 billion cubic metres of gas is envisaged. The acquisition of shares in Nord Stream 2 AG is subject to a merger clearance by all responsible countries. In Germany, approval was already granted in December 2015.

Our social projects in Russia

Cultural and social exchanges can build important bridges and promote understanding between nations. The commencement of our business activities in Russia therefore also provided the starting point for our diverse engagement in these areas. Through various exhibitions and projects we are trying to promote understanding and unite cultures.