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Achimgaz Partnership with vision

Achimgaz is a joint venture project by Gazprom and Wintershall. Under extreme climatic and geological conditions, the partners are producing natural gas and condensate in Novy Urengoi, Siberia, from the challenging Achimov formation in the Urengoy field (Block IA).

The field is situated about 3,500 kilometers northeast of Moscow. The joint venture produces approximately 18 million cubic meters of natural gas each day from Russia’s largest natural gas field. 

1. Pilot phase

The joint venture was launched in 2008 with six pilot wells from which around 3.2 million cubic meters of natural gas and 1,400 tons of condensate were produced. The commercial development and production of the formation began in 2011.

2. Start-up complex

Another 20 wells were drilled during the start-up phase of the full field development. Achimgaz initially worked with two drilling rigs and then later increased these to four.

3. Full field development

Achimgaz currently has more than 60 wells and large-scale plants for processing natural gas and condensate in operation. By 2019, it is planned to increase production to an annual level of about eight billion cubic meters of natural gas using 110 wells.


Key project figures AO Achimgaz in facts and figures

The joint venture produces natural gas and condensate from the technically complex Achimov formation of the Urengoy field in West Siberia – one of the biggest oil, gas and condensate reservoirs in the world.

Partnership in permafrost Wintershall & Gazprom

AO Achimgaz is a joint venture between the Gazprom subsidiary OOO Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy (50 percent) and the wholly owned BASF subsidiary Wintershall (50 percent). The Achimgaz project is a prime example of a successful German-Russian cooperation in the energy sector. They are jointly investing more than two billion euros – and are sharing the costs and profits.

Milestones The history of the joint venture

2019 Expected completion of drilling
activities (total of 110 wells)
2016 The production has increased to a total of 20 billion
cubic metres natural gas since the founding in 2003
2014 The project reaches an important milestone:
the joint venture has produced around
ten billion cubic meters of natural gas since
it was founded
2011-2013 Start-up with another 20 wells
and launch of commercial production
2008-2011 Six pilot wells
2006 Preparatory work begins
(construction of roads, pipelines and
processing infrastructure)
2004-2005 Survey work conducted
2003 Founding of the Achimgaz joint venture:
Wintershall and Urengoy Gazprom
(now Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy) agree
to develop Block 1A in the Achimov formation.

Pooling know-how

The Achimgaz project is extremely challenging because the gas-bearing Achimov formation lies at a depth of around 4,000 meters. That means very dense rock, where high pressures and temperatures prevail. Extreme conditions prevail at the drilling rigs, where temperatures can drop to minus 40 degrees Celsius. The production facilities are designed, however, to withstand sub-zero temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless teamwork is especially called for here.

The project is distinguished by the excellent collaboration between the colleagues from different countries: at Achimgaz, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Tatars, Argentineans, Americans and colleagues from many other nations are all pulling together. They include Ingo Neubert from Chemnitz, who has been the Deputy General Director there since 2011. Neubert manages the joint venture together with his colleague Oleg Osipovich, the General Director of Achimgaz. Neubert is particularly proud of the team spirit within the workforce: “A friendly working atmosphere is especially important in these difficult conditions – it is often very cold and dark, and the next major city is thousands of kilometers away. The colleagues work excellently together and are a guarantee for the success of our company.”

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