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Wintershall Worldwide Active on four continents

For over 80 years we have been active in the exploration and production of oil and gas on four continents: in Europe, North Africa, South America, Russia and the Middle East region. Areas, in which we have a high level of regional and technological expertise.

We also produce oil and gas under the harshest conditions – at plus 50 °C in the desert, at minus 50 °C in the Siberian tundra and in rough weather at sea. Our technical know-how, our will to succeed and excellent team spirit have time and again enabled us to discover new hydrocarbon reserves.

Europe Creating know-how and contributing to supply security

As Wintershall has German roots, Germany represents one of the company’s most important regions in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas. Here, the company researches technologies for application all over the world. Wintershall has been active in the Dutch North Sea since 1965 and operates more than 20 offshore platforms there.

Since natural gas and crude oil from the North Sea will continue to make a significant contribution to securing Europe's energy supply in the future, we also have highly promising licences in British, Danish and Norwegian territorial waters.

Factsheet North Sea / Germany

Factsheet Crude oil and natural gas from Germany

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North Africa Active in oil exploration and production since 1958

Wintershall has been actively involved in the exploration and production of crude oil in Libya since 1958. With an investment of more than two billion US dollars and more than 150 wells drilled, BASF’s subsidiary Wintershall is one of the largest oil producers there. Wintershall operates in eight onshore oil fields in concessions C 96 and C 97. These are located in the eastern Sirte Basin, which is situated roughly 1,000 kilometres southeast of the capital Tripoli in the Libyan desert. Gazprom also has a 49% stake in these activities. The largest producing reservoir operated in the country is the As-Sarah field near the Jakhira oasis, which has about 4,000 inhabitants.

Along with Libya’s National Oil Company (NOC) and Total from France, Wintershall is also involved in producing oil from the Al-Jurf platform in Block C 137, which is located off the north-western coast of Libya.  The operating company, Mabruk Oil, which is a joint venture of NOC and Total, has been producing crude oil there for the consortium at a water depth of around 90 meters for more than 10 years.

Factsheet Libya

Wintershall and its activities in Libya

South America The fourth largest gas producer in Argentina

Wintershall has been active in Argentina since 1978. The country is one of the largest natural gas producers in South and Central America. Our wholly owned subsidiary, Wintershall Energía S.A., is currently involved in 15 oil and gas fields, and produces about 26 million barrels of oil equivalent each year. This makes the company the country’s fourth largest natural gas producer with activities in the provinces Neuquén, Tierra del Fuego and recently also Mendoza.

Unconventional reservoirs in Argentina offer enormous potential, particularly in the Vaca Muerta formation in the Neuquen Basin. Wintershall Energía S.A. has interests in the San Roque, Aguada Pichana and Bandurria I blocks in the Neuquen Basin and is currently evaluating the potential of the non-conventional Aguada Federal reservoir. For this purpose, several exploration wells will be drilled during the next few years.

Factsheet Argentina

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Russia Strong partnerships existing for decades

The world's largest natural gas reserves are located in pipeline distance to Europe. About one third of all known natural gas reserves worldwide are situated in Russia. Without Russia, it will not be possible to ensure Germany’s and, above all, Europe’s current and future natural gas supplies. A successful partnership has existed with Russia for decades. This advantage could be crucial in securing Europe's natural gas supply in the long term. As Germany’s largest internationally active oil and gas producer, Wintershall’s commitment in Russia ranges today from the exploration and production of natural gas in Western Siberia, to the production of oil and gas in southern Russia, to infrastructure projects such as the Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea.

Factsheet Russia

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Middle East region Expertise for challenging projects

The Middle East region has the greatest potential for the oil and gas industry, as about 50 percent of the world’s hydrocarbon reserves are located there. Abu Dhabi is considered to be one of the most important centres for oil and gas activities in the Gulf region. In 2010, Wintershall became the first German E&P company to open a representative office in the United Arab Emirates. In 2012, Wintershall took over the technical appraisal of the Shuwaihat sour gas and condensate field together with ADNOC and the Austrian company OMV. The reservoir contains more than 20 percent hydrogen sulphide, which places considerable demands on the exploration and production activities.

Factsheet Middle East region

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